Best Foreplay Tips

Kiss Passionately

Quick goodbye kisses or sparrow pecks can work when you rush to work or when saying goodbye in the morning. However, these are a turn off in bed. Sensual and slow kiss feels sexy and intimate. Therefore, close eyes and place your lips on those of your lover. Play along as you move lips slowly, softly, and purposefully. Experience the sensation as you slowly breathe into each other.

Explore Each Other’s Body

Don’t rush this. While kissing, run hands over each other’s back or over the shoulders and arms. Don’t assume that sex is just about penetration. Instead, take time to kiss the arms, neck, and other body parts of your spouse. If your spouse relaxes the body or moans, it means they like what you are doing.

Engage in a Dirty Talk

This is a great foreplay tip for most couples. When you practice this in bed, you can talk about even the darkest sensual fantasies without fearing being judged. A dirty talk will bring you closer. It will make you feel intimate. This will open up a new sexual bliss door and make sex more exciting. You can start the dirty talk in the living room before proceeding to the bedroom.

Follow these foreplay tips to make sex more satisfying for you and your partner.

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